The Candida Protocol

The Candida Protocol targets Candida overgrowth using Candida Capsules over a 35 day period. Candida Capsules progressively load Lufenuron into the fatty tissues of your body. The gradual loading process attacks the Candida overgrowth, breaking holes in the chitin cell wall of the fungi, allowing your immune system to kill it off. In this process you should experience “die-off” symptoms.


Candida Protocol – 35 days

  • Take a candida capsule (700mg Lufenuron),  4 times a day, around 4 hours apart, with 10 grams of natural fat for 5 days, break for 10 days; repeat three times, totaling 35 days. See chart
  • The capsules must be taken with at least 10 grams of natural fat in order to be absorbed into the body. Lufenuron dissolves in fat and is stored in the fat tissues, where it is gradually released into your bloodstream. If the Lufenuron is taken without food that contains some oils or fats, it will not be fully absorbed in the fat tissues and will not be effective.
  • We have provided some helpful charts that you can print and place on your fridge while doing the protocol. They are located under charts’ from the menu above.

For best results

We strongly recommend a pre-treatment in preparation for the 35 day Candida Protocol. These are some important items that can greatly improve your results:

  1. Detox your body, especially from toxic heavy metals. Effective products: zeolite, clay baths, and oil pulling.
  2. Build good gut flora with pro-biotics. (Do not take antibiotics during this treatment period).
  3. Raise and maintain PH to alkaline level through diet or baking soda/ bicarb soda. We recommend taking a teaspoon of aluminium free baking soda/ bicarb soda morning and night.
  4. Maintain a sugar, carbohydrate & alcohol free diet throughout the course of treatment for best results.
  5. Drink filtered water and reduce consumption of acidic pH beverages like coffee, tea, sports/soda drinks.

These recommendations can be started 2 weeks prior to the 35 day Candida Protocol, and continued during the protocol.

Symptoms of Candida “die-off”

Lufenuron has no side effects, but it can bring on feelings of unease during the Candida “die-off” phase. When the Candida is attacked it releases toxins into the body causing die-off symptoms. Die-off symptoms may include fatigue, brain fog, nausea, gas, bloating, diarrhea or constipation, low grade fever, headache, sore throat, body itch, muscle and / or joint soreness or pain, feeling as if  coming down with a flu.

The die-off symptoms can last from one day to one week and can come and go throughout the Lufenuron treatment. However, as your body becomes stronger, your susceptibility to Candida toxins is reduced and as a result, so are your die-off symptoms.

The severity of symptoms depends upon the strength of the organs most affected by Candida, your immune system, the degree of Candida infestation, and the environmental /emotional stress you are experiencing.

Post Treatment

Now that you have eliminated the Candida overgrowth, it is important to maintain a healthy body to keep Candida at bay. Lifestyle changes -healthy eating with minimal sugar, carbohydrates, and maintaining an alkaline PH will keep your body in balance and prevent Candida from taking over. In some cases(systemic candida overgrowth), a second treatment of the 35 day Lufenuron protocol is recommended to fully rid the extreme Candida overgrowth.

What is Lufenuron?

Lufenuron is an effective veterinarian remedy that targets the outer protective shell of Candida (Chitin). It is not metabolised or eliminated by the liver or kidneys; it is excreted through the faeces. Lufenuron prevents Chitin formation allowing your own immune system to attack the Candida.

There are different grades of Lufenuron, a high grade purity of +99% is best to use. Lufenuron can be found at , they distribute from Australia and Canada.

16 thoughts on “The Candida Protocol”

  1. Hi, very interesting read. I’m actually experiencing candida die off symptoms right now. I was wondering if there was any foods, drinks, remedies I can have to reduce the symptoms? do I just treat it like a normal cold. Thank you

    1. Juicing vegetables isn t absolutely necessary but it is recommended, especially for those who are suffering from Candida. Since the intestine is compromised and not working as efficiently as it normally would juicing vegetables helps speed up the process of digestion by making readily available the enzymes, minerals and nutrients that are available in the vegetables.

  2. Hey Brendan, not sure what symptoms you are having but mine were mostly being tired and a little nausea…probably what they call fog. I drank lots of water and slept while my body was healing. Its not ideal but I think it helped allot. If I knew better I’d slow down on the loading while this was happening so I didn’t increase the die off. Don’t worry, the more die off you have “the better it feels on the other side”. Good luck!

  3. Hi, I was wondering if it matters what type of fat you consume with the capsule? I have been mostly using cold pressed organic coconut oil, but my partner thinks that coconut oil isn’t absorbed into the body like other oils and I wondered if that was an issue? I don’t eat peanut butter and find tahini difficult strait. Does food cooked in oil have the same value? Also how much avocado do you eat to get 10g of fat? Hope you can assist in clarifying. Thank you!

    1. Hi Julie! Coconut oil is a natural laxative, hence why it isn’t favoured to help absorb Lufenuron. I’ve used it on odd occasions as I’m not as sensitive as others. As a general rule, you can use any fat/oil that your body will absorb. With focus on health, natural fats like nuts and avocado are ideal. Avocados contain about 15% fat and 10g of fat would be about half a 150 gram avocado. As Avocados vary in size, its best to weigh your type of avocado without the seed/skin so you can calculate 15% fat from that. Eg 200g*0.15 = 30g fat, so you would use one third each capsule. : )

  4. Hello, For the 10 grams of fat required I was wondering if olive oil is okay as two teaspoons of olive oil contains 9 grams of fat. Can taking a couple of teaspoons of olive oil with your meal work?

    1. In the beginning of this Candida protocol and diet, you will be asked to go through a preparation stage, and please don’t think for a second that this is not an important part of your treatment, because it’s extremely important to do this in order to ensure the effectiveness of lufenuron.

  5. Yes, thanks Valerie – 2x teaspoons (tablespoon) of olive oil is fine. Remember you need “at least” 10g available fat for it to absorb so maybe add a touch extra….otherwise it wont fully absorb and the loading will be infective. If you are unsure, empty the capsule in the olive oil for 10 min before adding it to your meal (don’t boil/fry/cook).

    TIP: For people not getting results after 20 days, reduce the 10 day recovery time to increase loading (active lufenuron in your body). Be careful, as you may be subject to immediate die off. Another approach is to do the protocol a second time…directly after (back to back) before the 1st protocol has time to leave your body.

    happy healing.

    1. If you going to start a second course how many days after day 35 on your chart would start the second course , and do you start the 35 day treatment again . Also does your weight have a effect on dosage ? as i am 105 kg

  6. I was a bit deterred by the amount of scams posted on Sarah’s Vaulters website, so I email the companies to hear what they had to say. Surprisingly a couple of them replied and it seems like Sarah is trying to dominate the market by calling out her entire competition as a scam that sells pesticide. One did mention Sarah had no ground to make such claims and that she couldn’t even prove that her own supplier isn’t purchasing it from China, and anything over 99% purity is know as pharmacy grade. I actually emailed Sarah questioning all this, no reply, which lead to posting this. That all aside, I can say my experience with Lufenuron was quite effective but I only used it to get my candida to normal level where I could then manage it with a whole food diet. Sugar is bad ;) Peace, Kate

  7. I purchased Lufenuron from Sarah Vaughter previously but see that she no longer sells it. Where can I purchase it now?

    1. Hi Renee, that could be a good thing. Sarah Vaughter isn’t a great person to trust. If you read her work she bad mouths every competitor selling lufenuron, using fear to make her sales. There are actually some good companies out there doing the right thing. We personally used

  8. It may or may not take long to cure your own candida but I would simply advise persistence and discipline in getting rid of that disease. And even after you think that you are completely cured, I would still continue to do the protocol for at least another 3 months just in case the candida is hiding. I advise that because candida, just like cancer, can hide in your body for a while and then suddenly come back with a vengeance when you least expect it.

    1. Yes this is true. This would relate to people with systemic candida. If you are to do this, as many do, I would recommend taking a +20day break between protocols as your body needs to heal/rebalance. I do agree with doing it back to back but just be careful not overloading unnecessarily. As you can see the chart builds up every time.

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